Liveport knows  student Wi-Fi.

The Benefits of Liveport Student Housing Wi-Fi

  • Students need Wi-Fi more than food, water, and shelter. With Liveport your students will never be without their Wi-Fi.


  • Cloud Authentication property-wide connectivityThat is just a fancy way of saying you are always connected no matter where you are. No more logins.


  • Stream all day. Study all night. We build our networks for the streaming generation. Multiple device streaming is our specialty. 

  • Share it. Our networks let you print and cast in your dorm. No cables needed. 



  • Our networks are fast. Gigabit speeds that allow you to download and upload with ease.



  • Game On. We are Fortnite ready! Gaming needs speed and we deliver so you can play when you want anywhere you want. 


  • Our Custom Apps are the best. Talk to every student on your network. Alert them to events or even ask for rent. Ask for maintenance repairs on the fly.


  • Instant Rent payment. Have your students pay rent on your custom app. 




Cast it. Print it.

Share it.

Private dorm networks that remember you and keep you secure. Now you can work and study, most of the time.

Unified Communication

Send mass texts, emails and App notifications in one simple push

Community Feed

Scroll through important community events and news

Instant Rent Payment

Pay rent quickly and securely directly inside the App

Smart Home

Control hundreds or Smart, IOT products for your apartment

Maintenace Requests

Request repairs or view status of scheduled future repairs

Package Delivery

Notify residents of new package arrivals, charge a small fee to deliver them only when the tenant is home

Social Media Ready

Communicate with your tenants on their favourite platform

Property-wide connectivity

Stay connected everywhere. From the dorm room to the classroom.